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Your own system developed for you - your Customers application. The benefits are clear. The UV lamp-head is designed exactly for your application, to fit into your machinery, with all the small features that will satisfy YOUR customers.

The advantages of a closed, water cooled lamp-housing are obvious, but choosing the design is not that easy. However, it is well known that focused UV light offers better curing and less heating of the substrates. The problem is just how to focus, and how much. Each application, depending on Layer thickness, colour and speed of curing, require different focus. The problem is solved by use of different settings with the same reflector profiles.

Through years of testing, some very exact setting can be determined for different applications. Just take a look at the example below.

For further information: Contact    If you need more information on "Cold Mirror" please take a look at http://www.newportlab.com/ 

A simple change of profile angle, makes it possible to use the same profile for Flexo, Offset and Screen. Reflector sheets made for standard reflection or with "Cold Mirror" coating, makes it possible to run on any application. Long lasting - and Cold.

An air cooled UV-housing (ex. 330 mm, 160 W/cm)  would require 600 cubic meter of air per hour. Even with air-filter, this would contaminate both reflectors and lamp. The UV output would go down rapidly after just 300 hours, and the reflectors would have to be changed often.



The UV-system shown, is designed to run with any lamptype, transformer or electronic power supply.

- Same profiles for almost any application. Solid cooling profiles, low price - last almost for ever.

- Closed system - long lasting reflectors and much longer lifetime of lamps.

- Using standard warm OR Cold-mirror reflector sheets  0.4-0.6 mm.

- Power up till 240 W/cm - dimension 100x100 mm (shutters included), max length app. 1,6  Meter.

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