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As a possibility, you can have a system developed for your own applications. The benefits are clear. The UV lamp-head is designed exactly for your application, to fit into your machinery, with all the small features that will satisfy YOUR customers. Make it an easy choice for your customers to choose you. On these pages, we go through the main objectives, to give a view on possibilities in choice of material.

All UV-Systems has benefits and disadvantages. But the main issue is Price, Reliability, Effectiveness and Easy maintenance.

Only one type of system can obtain these benefits. 

-A closed housing with no or very little air to cool the housing and the lamp. No contamination - long life time.

-It has to be water cooled to avoid contamination, made of few parts. This makes aluminium extrusions an obvious choice. Low price and high reliability.

- And then it should fulfil your needs. Extrusions makes it easy to put in features in the profile for any purpose, for attaching shields, attaching to the machinery and much more.

- Using a focused system, that can vary in intensity by change of profile angle, you get the most effective UV system for your machinery. It will be able to run both Screen and Flexo.

- By use of reflector sheets, you can choose "Cold Mirror" type, that only reflects UV radiation. Using the Indirect reflector housing, you will get the "coldest" possible UV curing. UV radiation is still energy and will heat up the substrate, but you cannot get it colder than this.

All together you get a reliable, high efficient UV-System, at a very low price.

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